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Sabtu, 09 November 2013

active children in winter

Winter is the time of year when families spend more time indoors . To plan a little boredom and to save us children spend the day watching TV .

In the coldest time of year families spend more time indoors . If you do not want our family apoltrone we plan activities for children. It is also necessary to do things away from home.

Children playing at home

If the family stays home must try not to be all the time watching TV or doing nothing. At this time of year many children have holidays and they take forever and boring .

Parents can spend some time daily to study with children and playing with them . Board games, family , crafts , draw ... as parents we will be playing a little imagination .

Out on the road

Children need to go away from home and breathe air outside . In winter there are many family activities and especially at Christmas . Christmas playgrounds , children's theater , cinema or just go to have a drink .

An interesting idea is a family outing to the snow . Playing with the kids sledding or make a snowball battle is a nice way to enjoy this time of year with family. In this case , parents must protect children with appropriate clothing ( hat, scarf , gloves ..) , cocoa lipstick , moisturizers or sunscreen . Before leaving home, we check the weather forecast of the destination.

home in winter and heat saving

Having the home warm in winter can be very expensive if our home is not able . It's not just a matter of family economy , but also respect for the environment.

Having the home at a good temperature , insulated and energy saving , is the fórmua to overwinter more economically and take care of both family health and the environment . If the family takes a series of precuaciones , the winter we will be cheaper .

Analyzing the home

Each house has different needs . It's better than before winter 's check leaks in our house , poorly insulated windows , windows , curtains ... are elements that insulate the home from the cold and, if damaged , will increase our invoices .

Electrical equipment should be used with liability in home : smoke exhaust hot air can get home in an hour, the thermostat will help to regulate the consumption of heating , radiators should be used with head every degree you go down at home we will save 6 % of the electricity bill.

Heating the home with common sense

The proper temperature for children and families at home is around 20 º. That is that you do not need the heater on full blast , but use it as a supplement and try to wear comfortable clothing and warm to be home : blankets for the sofa , bathrobes , slippers go home ...

When ventilating the house , we should close the heating . Likewise, if we have a fireplace and we will not use it, we block the exit , so as not to exhaust warm air from the home. Turn off lights and appliances not to use also will lower our electricity bill .

If we have no heating at home, we have to consider the investment as medium to long term it will save you more expensive systems in the home.

Children in the World AIDS day

The December 1 marks World AIDS Day , UNICEF has made a bold , eradicate the spread of AIDS in children in 2015.

According to UNICEF in 2009 was 1.7 million AIDS infected children. These data conflict with the goal it has set for the next 5 years. A new set of drugs have to reach all mothers in the world at that time . UNICEF 's commitment is to achieve "a generation without AIDS."

The percentage of children with AIDS increases in developing countries

It is estimated that 90 % of cases of AIDS infection in children occurs in Africa. The main route of transmission is the transmission from mother to fetus or during childhood , infancy . There are many children who have acquired more traumatic as sexual abuse or injury.

Most infections in children is performed during pregnancy and lactation, and so far , in 2009 , UNICEF estimated that the drugs reached the middle of the mothers . One out of two mothers is without medication.

Difficult access to medicines for children and infected

However, in the world live about two and a half million niñosportadores AIDS virus . Access to antiretroviral drugs is available to only about 400,000 of these children , ie 28%.

In Spanish households are estimated 100,000 people infected , 0.5% of whom are children , many teenagers already .

children and diabetes

Diabetes is the second most common chronic disease in children Spanish . Factors like to childhood obesity, the accent .

Spain is estimated that there are about 30,000 children with diabetes and one produced each year about 1,700 infections. A sedentary lifestyle and feeding children very negatively influence the spread of this disease in childhood.

Diabetes in children

Children with diabetes produce bad the hormone insulin, which is what helps the body convert sugar into energy . The amount of sugar and insulin in need of these children depends on their diet .

Of the 30,000 cases of children in Spain , 90 % are children with type 1 diabetes . This diabetes may appear from the first weeks of life of the child until age 30 . The most common is that the acquiring children between 4 and 7 years.

Parents must diagnose the disease early. If not properly treated , they may develop hypertension , kidney problems, sexual impotence .

Preventing diabetes in children

Parents can help prevent diabetes from breastfeeding. Mothers who breast- sugars will save many formulas . The children's lives must have a healthy diet and sedentary life little . We will encourage family sports, outdoor activities and healthy food . The diet should contain fiber, and must reduce the consumption of fats and sugars.

Diabetic children should get used to insulin and care

empty home on holiday

If you decided to spend this holidays away from home with the family , take precautions before leaving home to find a surprise not around .

If the family goes on vacation and the home is not empty we must strive to demonstrate that our house is forsaken. At holiday time is when thefts increase , so the family must pay special attention to safety.

House prepared

Before leaving home we leave tied several things:

    Ask someone ( family member or neighbor ) to stop by our house to pick up the mail ( and water plants if the opportunity arises ) .
    Preventing away from home is clearly visible that is empty : leave half down shutters , some light on.
    If our house is on the ground floor , we check that can not be accessed through any window : we can use systems such as bars.
    Some tricks can make it appear that the house is inhabited : leave some clothes hanging , or timers that turn lights and music automatically.
    The family must be discreet , that only trusted people know of his departure . Also , do not leave messages on the answering machine informing it.

Other considerations in the home


    Close faucets and light.
    Disconnect electric home appliances .
    Check that all our household bills are paid.

If the household budget permitting, we can choose other security measures such as alarms , security doors, motion detectors , cameras we can see from the computer, etc ...

On the website of association of architects , we seek advice on global measures and approved for home security .